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Saddle Seating - step by step ordering
how sitting on a posture stool can aid your posture

Building your Saddle to Order:

Use our step-by-step guide to tailor-make your saddle stool to your own individual requirements -  just follow the choices in our saddle ordering guide below, make your selections and complete the order boxes on the right as you go. Then click the buy securely box to place your on-line stool order.

1. Choose from our standard size or compact size saddle stools

standard size top

Standard Saddle- Pad Size 23" x 15"

chrome base

standard supplied with chrome base 24"/25"dia

compact size top

Compact Saddle- Pad Size 21" x 12"

black base

compact supplied with black base 22"/23"dia

 2. Choose if you require a static top or a tilt top

static saddle top

Static Top

tilting saddle top

Adjustable Tilting Top - 35°

To use the ordering boxes within this guide:

Make your Choice, select Quantity then Add.

When you have made your selections click 'Your Order' button to place order securely online.


Select to order your stool size and top:

Standard Saddle Stool with Static Top

Price £120 +vat



Standard Saddle Stool with Tilt Top

Price £150 +vat



Compact Saddle Stool with Static Top

Price £110 +vat



Compact Saddle Stool with Tilt Top

Price £140 +vat



free courier delivery 

3. Choose your upholstery vinyl colour - a standard single colour; or patterned and two tone options

Single Colours- as standard

single colour as standard: (Free)














Alternative patterned vinyl.

Two-Tone vinyl top.

alternative patterned vinyl:







PVC Vinyl Upholstery- non-permeable, coated with a protective finish with test proven superior stain resistance & infection control. (All our vinyl has an infection proof additive which is effective at reducing the spread of bacteria such as E coli and MRSA). Fire retardant BS3379/BS5852, (S11324, 1989).

Select to order your stool colour:

Colour Option

Colour Choice



Standard Single Colour- FREE

Alternative Patterned Colour - Price £15 +vat

Two-tone Vinyl Top- select secondary colour choice - Price £15 +vat

Other options you may require...

● Check the standard height range is suitable, if not select either a lower gas strut or a taller gas strut option to change the height:

Saddle Type:

Standard Height Range: (apprx)

Lower Gas Strut Height: (apprx)

Taller Gas Strut Height: (apprx)

Standard Saddle

19"- 24"

17.5"- 21"

23"- 30"

Standard With Tilt

20"- 25"

18.5"- 22"

24"- 31"

Compact Saddle

18"- 23"

16.5"- 20"

22"- 29"

Compact With Tilt

19"- 24"

17.5"- 21"

23"- 30"

● Choose if you require an additional layer of anatomic memory foam upholstery padding

A temperature sensitive additional memory foam layer - moulds to the body shape to increase support and reduce pressure.

Provides extra comfort of you are seated for long periods of time.

● Choose a smaller ring-base if the standard five-star base is too big for your floor area

smaller ring-base

Ring base

19" dia

technical note: ring base features smaller semi-free wheeling wheels

● Choose alternative wheels most suited to your environment/ profession

Hard, free wheeling wheels, roll uninterrupted on multi-floor types- fitted as standard

Anti-static, Soft

with rubber outer-rolls uninterrupted-hard floor types

Break Loaded

lock when you sit on the stool

Gripper Feet

stable, stops seat moving


Now select your stool options:

Options to order Variant


Taller Gas Strut - Price £12 +vat  

Lower Gas Strut - Price £12 +vat  

Memory Foam Layer - Price £25 +vat  

Smaller Ring-base - Price £15 +vat  

Alternative Wheels - Price £22 +vat


  Click below to check/amend & order your stool:

To check/ amend your Saddle Order

click below
Your Order

To place your Saddle Order online

click below
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If you need further advice call 0121~332~1850
n.b. all dimensions quoted are approximate and may be subject to change.


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