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College / Training Room Equipment Guide

College Therapy Couches & Equipment

Training room equipment needs to suit the varied and different requirements of both the training programme and the users. Your equipment is a major investment and needs to be practical, durable and safe. All our equipment passes British safety & quality tests so you can be sure it will meet the rigorous demands of daily use.

Our collection of couches and equipment is designed for a broad spectrum of disciplines including therapy, beauty and healthcare and includes a diverse range of designs available to suit every training need and budget. To help you make the right choice we are able to offer professional expert advice and tailor-made equipment to fit a room or particular training requirement. For added piece of mind we also offer a personal installation service.

Use our guide to help you find the perfect equipment solution for your Training Centre - remember we offer price matching on college orders and discounted prices for college bulk orders - ask us for a quote.

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Room Sets

Additional Enhancements

Ancillary Equipment


Quality Assurance


Choosing the Right Equipment

The couch is the key piece of equipment for any training room, and getting it right will ensure you have an ideal tool for your studentís to train and work with for many years. What it will be used for, who will be using it and how often it will be used should all be carefully considered. Three main types of couch available to colleges and training establishments are Static, Hydraulic and Electric.

Static Fixed Height Couches    

Popular with colleges and training venues, our static couches are made of sturdy steel and offer a robust couch solution to cope with everyday use and a great value option, particularly for rooms where numerous couch stations are needed.

> View our static couches

Popular fixed height couches offer cost-effective, functional and comfortable static couch designs 

Wood Couches    

Offering a traditional wood finish and sturdy construction our wood tables and benches are ideal for all types of training rooms. Extra flexibility is provided with manually adjustable legs on some models giving a height variation. Providing easy maneuverability and storage a folding couch model is also included in this range.

Co-ordinating wood trolleys and steps are also available.

> View our wood couches

Traditional wooden couches and benches to furnish your training room


Variable Height Couches

Be strategic - if you are using a couch for different disciplines and a variety of users, an electrically or hydraulically operated adjustable height is perfect to accommodate varying techniques and different height users.

Our electric couches feature as standard an electronic variable height by either hand held remote control or a foot console, with most electric models offering the option of an alternative hydraulic lift mechanism at no extra charge if no wires are preferred in the training room.


> View our electronic couches

Choose from our wide range of variable height couches with all sorts of options and attachments to suit your training needs

A three section couch offers even more versatility and will accommodate a variety of different training disciplines.


Hydraulic couches offer a variable height couch option operated by a pump mechanism. Easy to use the couch can be raised or lowered by foot lever with the client/patient in situ. This offers a more flexible option than a static fixed height model. 


> View our hydraulic couches

A variable height alternative to our electric couches


Room Equipment Packages


We have used our expert knowledge to carefully select some of our most popular models and 'tailor-make' a selection of functional room equipment packages suitable for any type of training establishment. Both practical and economical our sets offer an equipment solution ideally suited to any training room.

Choose from static, hydraulic or electric couch sets all combined with some of the most popular equipment essentials.

Our static room sets include a sturdy static couch together with a trolley for storage and to use as a workstation plus a comfortable operator chair which is fully adjustable to accommodate different users.


> View our static room sets

Specially selected tailor-made packages to equip your training room


Our wood room set offers an alternative finish and look for your training room and includes a sturdy bench together with a co-ordinating wood trolley and couch step.

> View our wood room set

A comprehensive furnishing suite for your training room


Electric and hydraulic room sets offer a versatile height adjustable couch together with popular trolley and seating designs.

> View our electric & hydraulic sets

Our most popular equipment pieces as cost effective room sets.

Additional Enhancements


All training establishments needs are different - which is why we offer a choice of attachments such as hygiene roll holders, head cushions and arm rests on our couches.

Consider all the training area you cover, by adding extra attachments you can readily adapt your couch to suit a wider variety of disciplines.


Options & Finishes

The finish of your treatment couch is important and the design requirements depend very much on the disciplines you cover. The right support is essential so if you are using a couch for massage you may want to consider a firmer top with a pulled seamless finish.

A thickly padded couch top gives a luxurious, softer finish for beauty treatments however a pulled seamless finish gives firmer support for pressure treatments and is sterile and easier to clean for healthcare treatments.

We offer a choice of customising options such as wider widths and breather hole inserts to suit different treatments.

Ancillary Training Equipment

Other ancillary essentials will help you create the perfectly equipped training room. Trolleys, steps, screens and operator seating all put the finishing touches to your room.



The right trolley is essential and depends on whether you require additional storage, a workstation area or both. If space is tight we have a large range of compact trolleys offering the ideal space saving storage solution for any training room.

All our trolley designs come complete or can be ordered with drawers and most can also have additional power packs and mag lamp holders fitted for extra versatility.

We also offer a selection of magnifying lamps.



Our extensive range of stools and chairs gives you various seating choices perfect for training rooms.

All stools feature castor wheels to give the user great freedom and flexibility and can be selected with an added back support for extra comfort.

Seating featuring black bases will give you a tough hard wearing solution when feet are constantly rested on the base.  

All our seating can be finished in matching vinyl to your couch selection giving a harmonious look to your training room.



Couch Steps

Where a static fixed height couch is selected, couch steps will provide safe and easy access to the couch.



Useful if you need to provide screening for privacy or for dividing up a room. Our screens are readily mobile and come in a selection of panel sizes and curtain options including polyester curtains or vinyl panels to match your couch selection.

Upholstery Coverings

Our upholstery vinyl's are thoroughly tested for durability and are hydrophobic meaning they can be easily wiped down to clean.

Our vinyl meets British testing standards to ensure safety and longevity and has an infection proof additive which reduces the spread of bacteria such as E coli and MRSA and is inherently flame retardant.  

Our vinyl coverings offer you with a wide choice of colour options in plain and textured finishes.

We offer a free sample service for our vinyl's to help you choose the right colour. We can also source other colours for larger orders.


Quality Assurance

We have over 25 years manufacturing experience with a reputation for meeting the highest quality standards. Our couches and equipment are made in the UK and meet or exceed British testing standards.

● Our couches and equipment meet the highest possible standards of performance & safety.

All electronic couches feature a CE approved motor, are tested for mechanical safety and load bearing and comply with EMC directives.

All our foam is fire resistant and rigorously tested.

Our vinyl is hydrophobic and anti-microbial.

All our equipment is backed by a manufacturers guarantee which means that we can give you the very best technical support and back-up during the life of your college equipment. Our engineer call-out service can come out onsite to you to ensure your college is not disrupted in the unlikely event of a breakdown.



Our equipment can be personally delivered by or own technicians and professionally installed in your training room.

Our technical experts will also demonstrate the equipment and give you full training and operational advice.

If you select this option you will also be able to arrange for collection and disposal of any old unwanted equipment.