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Quality Standards



Quality Standards

Motor Compliance

Vinyl Standards

Quality Philosophy


Company Information

How We Manufacture

Setting Standards for therapy and healthcare equipment in the UK...

Our Standards


Quality Standards

We manufacture to British Safety Standards. Buying your equipment from a manufacturer who chooses to meet these regulations gives you extra assurance.

Safety Standards

We meet the following British standards of quality to ensure our products meet relevant regulations:

The British Safety Standards - BS3379/BS5852/BS5790

The Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 S.I. 1324

Our high specification couches (where indicated) also carry CE approval.

Quality Philosophy

● We only use the highest grade vinyl covering that is especially chosen for its Infection Control properties. Our medical grade vinyl has an infection proof additive which is effective at reducing the spread of bacteria such as E coli and MRSA.

 ● We only use the best quality materials and components to manufacture our products and will not use the cheaper alternatives more commonly used by other manufacturers.

● We will only use materials that have been tested to meet rigorous safety requirements.  We also use environmentally friendly materials wherever possible and our wood wherever possible is taken from forests that have a re-plantation programme in operation.

● We aim to keep our prices as low as possible whilst maintaining high quality.  We will not compromise on quality just to make a quick profit.

● We concentrate on what we do best.  We design and manufacture only equipment, and tailor make our couches and equipment for each and every individual customer. We are best placed to respond to customer needs and because of the nature of our operation we can offer specialist technical knowledge and manufacturing expertise about all the products we produce.

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Technical Information


Motor Compliance

All Electronic Couches feature a CE approved 24v DC (6000n, 3.5amp) electric motor which has been tested for mechanical safety and load bearing and complies with:

EMC Directive 89/336/EŘF to standard EN50082-1:97,EN50081-1:92, EN61000-3-2:95, A1:98, A2:98, A14:00,EN 61000-3 3:95

Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EŘF to standard EN60335-1:94, EN 60742

Vinyl Technical Information


Conforms to BS5790 part 1 : Type 2: Grade X : 1996 and ISO7617-1 : 2001

Martindale abrasion in excess of 300,000 rubs.

Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 12947 1, 2, 3, 4.

Infection Control

All our vinyl has an infection proof additive which is effective at reducing the spread of bacteria such as E coli and MRSA*. (*supported by independent laboratory testing).

Stain Resistance

Our vinyl coated fabrics are hydrophobic and do not absorb water or retain dampness and can be completely dried after washing. Resistant to urine, mild acids/alkalis, drinks and beverages which can be easily wiped off.

Flame Retardant

Inherently flame retardant. Tested in accordance with ISO7617-1: 2001. BS EN1021-1 : 2006 : Part 1 and BS EN1021-2 : 2006 Part 2 (ISO8191-1 : 1987 and ISO8191-2 1988 Modified). IMO Res A 652 (16) EASA.CS25.853  App F. Part 1 (a) (1) (ii )

Tested according to BS EN 1021-1 : 2006 Furniture - Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture, Smouldering Cigarette; BS EN 1021-2 : 2006 Furniture - Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture, Match Flame Equivalent and BS 5852 : 2006, Clause 11, Methods of Test for the Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered seating by smouldering and flaming Ignition Sources, using Ignition Source Crib 5.  Meets requirements and complies with BS7176 : 2007+A1:2011 Direct test for medium hazard. (Specification for Resistance to Ignition for Upholstered Furniture for Non-domestic Seating by Testing Composites).

Tested to BS5852 : Part 1 : 1979.  Meets requirements of Schedule 4 & 5, Part 1, of The Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 S.I. 1324

Tested to BS5852 : 2006 Clause 11 : Ignition Source 5, showed Non-ignition and designated as BS5852 : 2006, Rating NI/5. Pass for Crib 5.

Foam Technical Information


Foam physical properties are tested according to standards BS EN ISO 845:1995. (Density), BS EN ISO 2439 (Hardness) and BS EN ISO1798 (Tensile Strength and Elongation) and BS EN ISO1856 (Compression).


note: technical standards may vary between models / ranges.


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