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static couches

Select from our comprehensive range of fixed height couches for therapy, beauty, medical, first aid

> static couches

electric / hydraulic couches

Our popular collection of extremely well specified, variable height therapy and treatment couches

> electric & hydraulic couches

manipulation plinths

Choose high-performance manipulation plinths for physio, chiro and rehab

> manipulation plinths

wood couches & furniture

Light and dark wood furniture collections for today's modern spa

> wood couches & furniture

treatment chairs

Versatile therapy chair designs offer treatment solutions for beauty, therapy and healthcare

> treatment chairs


portable couches

The very best portable couch and cable table designs for the professional mobile therapist

> static couches

portable equipment

Go mobile with our portable therapy chairs and folding foot stools

> portable equipment


Sit in comfort with our unique range of chairs and stools designed for the seated practitioner

> stools & chairs

trolleys & lamps

Our practical range of trolley and workstation storage solutions

> trolleys & workstations

screening & steps

Provide client privacy and safety with our folding room screens and patient steps

> screening & steps


A one-stop-shop for all first aid room essentials from couches to screening

> first aid shop

Our most popular salon & spa equipment in complete packages

> suite offers

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