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Buying new equipment for any Health Spa Resort or Salon Treatment Suite is a major investment, so you'll want to get it right. We want you to be delighted with your choice and with so many different models and options available in our ranges its good to research what's best for you and your clients before you buy.

Choose from our comprehensive ranges of innovative and durable Spa Therapy Couches, Plinths and Treatment Chairs, all designed to enhance both the user and client treatment experience and endorsed by some of the top spa establishments Worldwide.

Use our guide to help you find the perfect equipment solution for your Spa or Salon, and if you are looking for something more individual, discover our bespoke manufacturing service together with our vast range of vinyl colour options to create the perfect salon couch or chair in the colour you want.

Choosing the Right Equipment


Take a little time to determine how your couch of choice will fit your room and have the right proportions. Remember we make every individual piece of equipment to order and we are able to change the specification, shape and sizes on most of our therapy couches and treatment chairs to suit your own particular requirements.

Electronic & Hydraulic Lift Couches


Our electric salon couches feature as standard an electronic variable height by either hand held remote control or a foot console, with most models offering the option of an alternative hydraulic lift mechanism at no extra charge if preferred. To accommodate the larger client or a select one of our wider specialist tables.



> View our electronic couches

Choose from our wide range of couches with all sorts of options and attachments to suit your treatments.

Our high-specification electronic couches exclusively feature an electrically operated foot rail around the base of the couch for instant hands free height adjustment, controlled at any position around couch with no consoles or wires giving the operator therapist more flexibility and control during procedures.


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 Choose from two and three section designs in white and silver frame finishes 

All high-specification couch models are offered in two-section and three-section variations; a selection of these designs are also offered with a contemporary silver mist frame finish.


Treatment Chairs


Therapy chairs offer great flexibility and suit a variety of treatments, and certain models will also double up as a couch. All our chair models are offered with a plain or split leg / foot section design.

Our treatment chair range features compact designs suited to a smaller working space with curvilinear shapes allows the practitioner greater freedom of movement around the chair and compact base frames for ease of access for the therapist or clinician.

Compact therapy chairs are a great option if space is limited, or if you'd like a separate area in your salon for seated treatments they will provide you with an ideal space saving solution.


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A good choice if you want a compact, versatile treatment solution


Wooden Furniture


Wood couches and furniture will add character to a room. The beauty of a wood finish is that it offers unique variations in knotting, markings, grain and colour. Both practical and decorative, wood furniture can be used to enhance the style of a salon's theme or decor. We offer two wood finishes, natural beech wood and dark wenge wood. Darker woods look bigger and more dramatic, thus suit larger rooms. Co-ordinating furniture gives you unity in a room. Wood is easy to maintain and with care, looks good year after year

Wood bench and tables designs offer storage shelves for additional versatility and most are height adjustable providing extra flexibility.

> View our dark wood collection

Achieve a contemporary furnished look with versatile tables, benches or electronic plinths designed for the modern spa.

All our electronic wood plinths feature a streamlined pedestal design which neatly conceals the electronic height adjusting motor within the single column wooden tower and provides an effortless hands free height adjustment by foot console.

Co-ordinating wood trolleys and client steps complement our wood couches and offer a harmonising, furnished look to enhance any spa or salon suite.

> View our natural wood collection

Traditional maple beech wood bench, table and electronic plinth designs offer the ultimate in style, luxury and functionality.

Additional Enhancements


Everyone's needs are different - which is why we offer a choice of attachments such as head cushions and arm rests on our couches and treatment chairs.

Consider all the treatments you may want to offer, by adding extra attachments you can adapt your piece of equipment to suit a wider variety of treatments.


Options & Finishes

The style and comfort of any treatment couch or chair is important and the design requirements depend very much on the disciplines you intend to carry out on the equipment.

We offer a choice of customising options such as wider widths and breather hole inserts to suit different treatments plus an anatomic memory foam cushioning layer and the option of pulled vinyl top sections on any of our seemed couches for a firmer, sterile finish.

Custom Design

With our made to measure service you can select many of our equipment lines to be custom made to your own design needs.

Request different upholstery shaping on a couch or perhaps a longer backrest on a treatment chair - and if you would like a certain size or modification to the specification we can customise any element of your equipment so you get exactly what you are looking for. 

Ancillary Equipment

Other ancillary equipment essentials will help you create the perfect salon room environment. Trolleys, steps and operator seating all put the finishing touches to your salon and made to co-ordinate with your main couch or chair piece they can enhance a strong interior colour scheme or style.



Most spa rooms will need a trolley, choose from small compact trolleys or large workstations depending on the space available and whether you want them for storage, product display or to work off.



A matching seat is an obvious accessory for your couch, and it can be made in the same fabric finish to match or you may also want to consider an accent chair colour to co-ordinate rather than match. We have a large range of chairs and stools giving you the opportunity to select a design that will best suit your therapists needs.

our ergonomic saddle shaped seats are specially designed to help promote a healthy posture and offer the therapist a healthy seating option.

Upholstery Coverings

Our vinyl coverings present you with a wide choice of colour options in plain and textured finishes. All our upholstery vinyl's are thoroughly tested for durability and are hydrophobic meaning they can be easily wiped down to clean.


We offer a free sample service for our vinyl's to help you choose the right colour. If you are ordering a suite of equipment we can also source special fabrics and other colours for larger orders. All our vinyl's meet British testing standards to ensure safety and longevity.

Quality Assurance

We have over 25 years manufacturing experience with a reputation for meeting the highest quality standards. Our couches, treatment chairs and equipment are made in the UK and our equipment meets or exceeds the British testing standards.

All electronic couches and chairs feature a CE approved electric motor which has been tested for mechanical safety and load bearing and complies with EMC Directives.



All our salon and spa equipment can be personally delivered by our own technicians and installed and demonstrated by the experts who actually make it.

If you select this option you will also be able to arrange for collection and disposal of any old unwanted equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

See our page of top tips to the most frequently asked questions from spa and salon buyers >