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Beautelle has been manufacturing Therapy, Beauty and Health Equipment in the UK for over 20 years

We believe that buying the right equipment for your business doesn't have to be daunting. At Beautelle you can choose from a wide variety of couches and equipment and our friendly, knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer helpful advice and manufacture it for you. We enjoy making our equipment to meet the differing needs of our customers. 

Take a closer look at how your bespoke furniture is made and meet some of our skilled workforce as they manufacture equipment at our Birmingham Factory...


Steel and aluminium is cut and drilled to length, put into product-specific jigs and welded.

It has to undergo stress testing next, before its sent to the paint shop for powder coating.

The cut steel is powder coated to the customer's specified finish- e.g. white. After the parts are sprayed they will be baked in a very hot oven - the whole process takes three to four days.

FACT - On a typical electric couch there is over 60 individual steel component parts which all need to be fabricated.

Paul our senior fabricator and welder, has worked for Beautelle for 9 years. His wealth of experience has played a vital role in our product development programme.

 precision cutting

Because each couch design is different, the supporting base boards for the couch sections are precision cut and drilled to the correct pattern and the foam is also shape-cut. The boards and foam bundles are now matched and stored ready for the upholstery process.

Upholstery is precision-cut and prepared for sewing.

FACT - 92% of our raw materials are sourced from the UK. Over 60% of these are sourced locally supporting local manufacturing and reducing our carbon footprint.
Ian oversees our parts buying. He is responsible for maintaining stocks of all our raw materials and parts, testing new supplies and sourcing new materials and components.
 industrial sewing

The cut pieces of upholstery fabric are sewn together to form a shell for each couch section.

Every section is sewn separately, together with face bungs, chair tops etc.

Each order is then matched to board and foam sets (above) ready for upholstering.

FACT - On average our machinist shop will sew over 20,000 metres of material per year.
Yvette has been our industrial sewer for 15 years. She is a most experienced machinist who prior to joining Beautelle worked for Jaguar cars.

An upholsterer takes the sewn shells for each section of the couch, stool and chair and upholsters it onto the cut board and foam.

This process is timed as close as possible to despatch date to keep the upholstery in pristine condition.

FACT - In a typical week our upholsterers will use over 40,000 staples to upholster a variety of equipment.
John has worked for Beautelle for five years. He started with Beautelle as an apprentice and has worked his way up to being our chief upholsterer.
 quality checks

Assembling the treated steel couch parts is no mean feat - this is highly skilled work.

Quality control checks the framework for any pit marks or scratches.

The hydraulic pumps and the electronic motors are connected and tested before the final assembly process to attach the upholstery sections.

FACT - There is 35 major parts plus over 50 subsidiary parts that go into building an electric couch. It takes over 2 hours per couch just to build the framework and make the QC checks.
Andy is our most senior technician. He has worked for Beautelle for over 18 years since its formation. He oversees the entire factory operation and is the main company representative for on-site visits.

Upholstery sections are fitted to the framework in the final part of the assembly process.

A technician and an upholsterer work together in the final stages to ensure every section is tailored to fit.

Final checks are made against order documentation, and the equipment undergoes final QC inspection before being wrapped and boxed ready for despatch /or installation.

FACT - In an average week we make and despatch over 25 couches. With other products e.g.stools & trolleys this totals over 60 equipment orders produced by the factory weekly.
Bill is our assembly line upholsterer. He works closely with the assembly technicians for fitting and finishing.