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First Aid Equipment Guide

First Aid Couches & Equipment

It is important that employers ensure that provision for first aid treatment is available for people at work. We offer a full range of equipment ideally suited to the workplace first aid room - choose from our ranges of First Aid Couches, Room Sets, Screening and Trolleys, all designed for the first aid environment for assessment, treatment and recovery situations.

Use our guide to help you select the right first aid equipment for your business or school, and if you are looking to equip a complete room, our first aid room sets have been selected by us to provide the perfect equipment solution.

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First Aid Couches

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Ancillary First Aid Equipment

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Guide to First Aid Rooms

Choosing the Right Equipment


The HSE advise that a first aid room should typically include an examination couch with waterproof protection. All our first aid couches are covered in an anti-microbial, hydrophobic waterproof vinyl covering which can be easily wiped down to clean. We have a selection of couch models available to suit your own particular requirements.

First Aid Room Couches


Our static examination couches are ideal for first aid assessment, treatment and recovery. They will accommodate most sizes of patient and will withstand a safe working load of 225kg. All models offer the additional option of a hygiene roll dispenser fitted to the end of the couch. 



> View our static couches

Choose from our range of couches to suit your room and budget

For smaller more compact first aid rooms we offer a range of folding couches which will provide you with an ideal space saving solution. A great option if space is limited and you'd like to fold and store the bed away when not in use.


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Fold-away couch designs - ideal for smaller spaces


School First Aid


Schools are responsible for the provision of appropriate first aid equipment and facilities for their pupils. Special consideration may need to be given to the design of equipment you provide for children.

Our first aid range of couches feature compact designs ideally suited to smaller children with a lower height configuration to allow the child easier and safer access on and off the bed.

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An ideal choice - our low- level school couches are specially designed for children

Our school first aid room equipment sets are perfectly designed with children in mind - they include the low height childrens couch together with a compact low trolley and brightly coloured patterned privacy screening.

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Chosen by us, the perfect equipment set for your school first aid room


Room Equipment Packages


We have used our expert knowledge to carefully select some of our most popular models and 'tailor-make' a selection of room equipment packages offering great functionality. Both practical and economical our sets offer an equipment solution ideally suited to any first aid room.

All of our first aid room sets include the essentials of a sturdy static couch ideal for assessment, treatment and recovery together with a trolley for dressings, storage and to use as a workstation when administering first aid.

> View our first aid room sets

Specially selected tailor-made packages to equip your first aid room

Also included in our packs are screens to give privacy or act as an effective room partition and a couch step to safely assist your patient getting on and off the couch.

Additional Enhancements


All our couches offer the extra option of a roll dispenser which can be used in conjunction with a paper hygiene roll. (All our first aid sets come with a roll holder included).

Also recommended by HSE is a blanket for the patient. Our lightweight cotton cellular recovery blanket is designed to be light but warm and covers the client from head to toe.

Ancillary Equipment

Ancillary equipment essential for the first aid room includes Trolleys, Screening, Seating and Steps.



Most first aid rooms will need a trolley, they provide safe and hygienic storage for first aid materials and act as a workstation when administering first aid - available in various sizes.



Mobile folding screens provide additional privacy and are available in choice of three or four fold partitions and various colours and finishes.



HSE recommended and a versatile piece of equipment for the first aid room is a chair which can be utlised for the patient or first aider.
Couch steps are designed to safely assist patient access onto couch.


Couch Steps

Where a static fixed height couch is selected, couch steps provide safe and easy access to the couch.

Quality Assurance

We have over 25 years manufacturing experience with a reputation for meeting the highest quality standards. Our first aid couches and equipment are made in the UK and meet or exceed British testing standards.

Our vinyl coverings offer you a wide choice of colour options.

Our upholstery vinyl's are thoroughly tested for durability and are hydrophobic meaning they can be easily wiped down to clean.

HSE Guide to First Aid Rooms

The HSE recommends what a typical first aid room should contain. In terms of furniture the room should contain essential first aid equipment as follows:

● A store for first aid materials such as a trolley.

An examination medical couch with waterproof protection and blankets.

● A chair.