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Seating Guide

Therapy Seating Guide

We offer a wide range of operator chairs from simple stools to ergonomically designed shaped seats. We can produce the perfect seating made to your own particular requirements with our choice of customising options and we can also modify our seats to your own particular design needs.

Use our guide to help you select the ideal stool or chair for you - and if you particularly suffer with aches and pains while you work then take a look at our award winning saddle seating especially designed to help promote a healthy posture.

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Choosing The Right Seat

Features To Consider

Padding & Coverings

Additional Enhancements

Posture Saddle Seating 

Choosing the Right Seat

A good work chair should be:

How long will you be using the chair for?

fit for or the intended purpose, enabling you to move freely and carry out tasks comfortably and efficiently

supportive of your body

suited to your work, especially the height you are working at e.g. the height of the treatment couch, therapy chair or beauty station

suited to the layout of the room where you are working e.g. if its a smaller compact working space

occasionally - less than 2 hours a day

working part time - between 2-4 hours a day

working full time - more than 4 hours a day

The longer you're using the chair the more adjustable features you'll need. All the adjustable features should be in easy reach and you should be able to operate them while seated and with minimal effort.

Features to consider

Seat height    

An important feature as the height needs to be adjustable to accommodate different users and techniques and to ensure a correct seated posture - all our seating is height adjustable.

Ideally your feet should be planted squarely on the floor without compressing the back of your thighs. Compression on the back of your thighs can restrict blood supply to your lower legs and feet and this can be due to the incorrect height of your seat and also the shape of the seat pad- see our tri-shaped seating.

If in particular you are working at a couch or work station that you cannot adjust in height you will need to alter the height of your chair accordingly so you can work at a comfortable position without compromising your posture, or having to stretch your arms so it puts pressure on your back. You should also ensure your feet touch the floor or if not, use one of our optional footrests.

> View our tri-shaped seating

Shaped ergonomic seating allows unrestricted blood circulation to legs


You may need to support the weight of your arms, depending on the type of treatments you are carrying out and the length of time you will be sitting in the chair.

On certain seat models we offer adjustable arm rests which are fully adjustable. They will also lower when not in use.

> View our chairs with arms

Traditional style chairs available with armrest supports



All our seats offer a backrest option which is shaped to support the lower and middle back. All our backrests are adjustable and will tilt- this ensures you can adopt different positions and postures e.g. upright or semi-reclined. Ideally the angle between your thighs and your back should be around 95 to 105 degrees to ensure your abdomen and chest are not compressed, letting you breathe better and sending more oxygen to your muscles.

Dynamic sitting - our backrests feature a pivot hinge to provide free float tilting for maximum lumbar comfort. With this mechanism (it can be switched on/off) the backrest will freely move with the weight of your back, so as you lean backwards or forwards to work the lumber support will move with you.


An important feature and included on all our seating models, the 360 degree swivel will allow you to turn and reach other areas such as a trolley or workstation without twisting your back.

Seat depth

The seat depth should allow you to sit right at the back of the chair without pressing on the back of your knees. You will need to sit right at the back of a chair to use the backrest correctly and get the optimum lumber support from the backrest. If you want to make your seat depth larger than standard, we offer an optional extra width on our seat pads.

Our larger seat pads will also accommodate the larger sized person and ensure full support when seated.


Coverings & Padding

Seat padding    

Padding should be firm enough to support and cushioned enough for comfort - our seat padding has a double layered foam system consisting of a supporting base layer of high density foam to provide a durable and shape retentive solid foundation, topped with a cushioning layer of medium density foam for receptive comfort. On selected models we also offer extra thick foam padding - see our tub seating.

double layered foam padding

> View our tub seating

Thickly padded tub seating - designed for operator comfort and wellbeing.

On all our seating you can opt for an additional anatomic memory foam layer. The temperature sensitive foam layer (used in conjunction with a high grade foam base layer) moulds to the body shape and temperature and provides excellent weight distribution while offering support, comfort and pressure relief.

anatomic memory foam layer
Seat coverings

Chair coverings should be durable and easy to clean - all our vinyl coated fabrics are hydrophobic and do not absorb water or retain dampness and can be completely dried after washing.

They are resistant to liquids e.g. urine, mild acids /alkalis, drinks etc, which can be easily wiped off.

Our vinyl also has an infection proof additive which reduces the spread of bacteria such as E coli and MRSA and is inherently flame retardant.  

Our vinyl coverings offer you with a wide choice of colour options in plain and textured finishes.

Additional Enhancements


Extra options are available to order on all of our seating giving you the flexibility to custom make your ideal seat to meet your own needs.

Choose from alternative height ranges, wider and deeper seat pads or the addition of a foot rest ring.

Posture Saddle Seating


Our innovative collection of saddle stools are ergonomically designed to give the seated operator the ideal sitting position. The unique saddle shape helps maintain posture and support the seated operator to alleviate neck, shoulder and lower back pain; reduce aching in wrists and arms and improve blood flow.

Saddle seats are ergonomically designed to support the seated operator and promote healthy posture.

Benefits include:

Shaped seat automatically distributes bodyweight more evenly,  providing a natural anatomical balance and promoting optimal healthy seated posture.

Saddle Seating maintains the natural inward curvature of the spine to create the optimum balanced posture

Sitting on a Saddle Seat properly positions and stabilises the pelvis automatically relieving stress on the lumbar discs and spine.

Saddle shaped seat gives maximum support and maintains your natural spine curve by keeping your pelvis rotated forwards and your back hollow. It permits the pelvis to be held securely in its natural position so that, when leaning forward to work, the lean is from the hips and not the waist.

> View our saddle seating

Specially designed for posture- our unique saddle shaped seating is a favourite

See our page of frequently asked questions about posture saddle seating >