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blenheim attachments

BLENHEIM range of couches and BLENHEIM WOOD plinths are extremely versatile and allow for attachments to be added to suit your own particular therapy needs. Choose from our range of accessory attachments below

breather hole plug

Bung for breather hole insert. Designs vary.

(note: optional breather hole insert can be ordered free - Code OH )

Code: A1   Price:  £20.00

paper roll holder

Paper roll holder allows full extension of the paper over the length of the couch.

Code: A2   Price:  £20.00

face cradle

Cradle with cushion fully adjusts with tilt angle feature. Extends length by 12" (Detachable).

Code: A3 Cradle   Price:  £50.00

Important Note: Some attachments can only be offered on certain Blenheim models. Attachments need to be ordered with couch at time of manufacture.

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