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Choose from our wide range of attachments below

breather hole plug

Bung for breather hole insert. Designs vary.

note: optional breather hole insert can be ordered free - Code OH

Code: A1   Price:  £25.00
paper roll holder

Paper roll holder allows full extension of the paper over the length of the couch / chair.

Code: A2   Price:  £25.00
face cradle

Cradle with cushion fully adjusts with tilt angle feature. Extends length by 12" (Detachable).

Code: A3 Cradle   Price:  £60.00
side arm supports - adjust / static

Multi-adjustable arm supports can be easily adjusted. Static arm rests offer a fixed support. Detachable.

Code: A5 Adjustable  Price:  £75.00
Code: A6 Static  Price:  £55.00
side arm extensions

Side supports add comfort and extend width of couch. Can be conveniently lowered at the side of couch for easy access.

Code: A7   Price:  £80.00
phlebotomy arm support

Easily adjusted/ repositioned. Can be quickly and simply secured / removed. Supplied as single.

Code: A8   Price:  £95.00
head rest support

Padded support to bolster head and provide extra comfort. Secured / adjusted by Velcro. Designs may vary.

Code: A9   Price:  £45.00
safety rails

Side supports provide additional patient safety. Can be readily folded down or detached.  Supplied as pair.

Code: A10   Price:  £145.00
leg supports

Easily adjusted / repositioned. Can be quickly and simply secured / removed. Supplied as pair.

Code: A11   Price:  £175.00 

Please Note: Some options & accessories can only be offered on certain models.

Accessories and options need to be ordered with couch/chair at time of manufacture.