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Saddle Seating - posture guide

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Our innovative collection of saddle stools are ergonomically designed to give the seated operator the ideal sitting position. The unique saddle shape helps maintain posture and supports the seated operator to alleviate neck, shoulder and lower back pain; redcue aching in wrists and improve blood flow.

Benefits of saddle seating

•  As upper body stays more relaxed, muscle tension is reduced.

•  Can help reduce pain in lower back.

•  Helps relieve common posture problems e.g. slouching and rounding of back.

•  Can help alleviate neck and shoulder pain associated with muscular tension.

•  Promotes good arm-hand control.

•  Helps reduce work related upper limb disorders e.g pain/aching in wrists, arms and shoulders.

•  Improves circulation to extremities and reduces fatigue.

•  Provides for greater mobility - easy to move and reach.

Useful Tips

Can adapt to all types of work including standing height work.

There can be a short transition period to adapt to a totally different way of sitting on a shaped style of seat and we suggest to allow a period of two weeks to allow your body to adjust.
Users tell us that they tend to find posture and other problems can be helped after only a few weeks of use.

Special Note: On a saddle style of seat tight skirts are not possible due to the wide stance required.

Improving your seated posture  

• Shaped seat automatically distributes bodyweight more evenly, providing a natural anatomical balance and promoting a healthy seated posture.

• Saddle Seat positions and stabilises the pelvis automatically relieving stress on the lumbar discs and spine.

• Saddle shape gives maximum support and maintains natural spine curve by keeping pelvis rotated forwards and back hollow so that, when leaning forward to work, the lean is from the hips and not waist.

• Widening the angle between trunk and thighs in a seated posture improves shape of the spine, making it more like the natural S-shape in a standing posture.

• A wider stance ensures thighs are apart and pointing downwards keeping the body balanced and pelvis rotated forwards in its natural position.

• Knees are naturally positioned lower than hips with feet at sides of the body, allowing lower back and upper body to find a relaxed, natural posture.

Saddle Seating maintains the natural inward curvature of the spine to create the optimum balanced posture. 

Features to consider

The Beautelle Saddle Seat provides a wide range of adjustments to help the individual find the most natural, comfortable sitting position.

Seat Height


Seat Tilt

Height adjustable seating accommodates different work positions and ensures correct seated posture, with alternative height ranges available.

Ideally your feet should be planted squarely on the floor without compressing the back of your thighs. Incorrect seat height can restrict blood supply to lower legs and feet.

Our saddle seats offer a backrest option shaped to support the lower and middle back. Our backrests are adjustable and tilt to ensure you can adopt different positions and postures.

Dynamic sitting - our backrests feature a pivot hinge to provide free float tilting for maximum lumbar comfort. 

The right chair for proper sitting posture will give you maximum spinal support and correct sitting posture. A tilting top can additionally help you find your most comfortable position and allow you to change the angle to address particular health issues.

Our tilting saddle stool models provide multi angle pelvic positioning.

Coverings & padding

Seat padding

The seat and backrest should be padded firmly enough to support and cushioned comfortably for comfort. Our supportive foam system provides a durable and shape retentive foam padding so benefit from the saddle seat shape is maximised.

On all our seating you can opt for an additional anatomic memory foam layer. The temperature sensitive foam layer (used in conjunction with a high grade foam base layer) moulds to the body shape and temperature and provides excellent weight distribution while offering support, therapeutic comfort and pressure relief.

Articles & Advice

Research Documents

A C Mandal 'Balanced Sitting on Sloping Seats' >   Jeff TiedMan 'New Concepts in Seating' >

We welcome enquiries and are happy to give expert advice about our saddle stools please call 0121 332 1850 or email us.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this guide are that of Beautelle and are intended to be used purely as a reference guide only. All statements are our own interpretation of available research documents and/or through consultation with qualified practitioners &  professional medical users. Information given is in good faith and every care is taken to uphold the accuracy, however this may be subject to error or omission.

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