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Portable Couch Buyers Guide

Our expert's give some top tips for buying a portable couch..

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Question 1

Will the couch meet my needs?

Our Experts Answer...

Beautelle Portable Couches can be ordered in various widths and foam thicknesses to ensure the utmost comfort for your client. Our Portable Couches are manufactured to your order requirements and offer a choice of height ranges to ensure the correct working height and posture for you the therapist. Within our Portable Ranges there are various designs to accommodate a variety of disciplines including- acupuncture couch, beauty couch, clinical / examination couch, first aid couch, massage table, pre-natal couches, sports massage therapy / physiotherapy table, tattoo table.

Question 2

What Choice of Portable Couches are available to meet my requirements?  Experts Answer...

Our Experts Answer...

The Beautelle Range of Portable Couches features a total of ten different models. Each of these models can be made in a choice of height, width and foam specifications giving over 100+ variations for you to choose from with an extensive upholstery choice of vinyl colours.
Available on selected models are useful couch attachments e.g. face cradles and arm supports, which are most effective 'tools' to offer enhanced support for the client and allow for a more effective treatment. Certain models feature shaped end sections to enable knee access, an important consideration for any seated therapist.

Question 3

How Comfortable will the couch be for my client?

Our Experts Answer...

You need to establish that the couch has the correct padding (thickness), firmness (density) and is the correct width and length. An adjustable backrest support will also help maximise your client’s comfort during a treatment. These criteria depend very much on both your clientele and the treatment/s you are practicing.

Question 4

How can I tell the Quality of a Couch ?

Our Experts Answer...

To gauge the quality of any couch our advice is to ask the simple question “What working weight will the couch take?” A couch constructed from good quality materials should have a load bearing ability of between 24-30 stone (159-190.5 kilo) & sustain heavy weights combined with pressure to enable it to be both stable and durable, even at higher height settings, all Beautelle couches are built to withstand professional heavy usage.

Many Portable Couch models may look very similar on the surface, but this does not reflect the actual quality of the materials used in their construction, which can vary tremendously. Key areas to look at which have an effect on the optimum load bearing are the thickness of the aluminium used and the grading of the under board. In addition tensor cable support systems can provide extraordinary strength and stability to a portable couch. The quality of the foam padding and upholstery covering will also help determine the overall quality.

Question 5

What Safety Standards does the Couch meet?

Our Experts Answer...

Beautelle Couches are MANUFACTURED IN THE UK and are built to comply with British Safety Standards (BS3379) and The Furniture & Fire Safety Regulations (S11324, 1989). 
safety note: Regulations governing the manufacture and quality of Therapy Equipment are not mandatory in the UK. To help protect customers when buying their therapy equipment we would strongly advise buying from an ethical UK manufacturer who adopts stringent testing and elects to meet certain safety criteria. 

All Helmsley Couches & Plinths are CE Approved

Question 6

Who is advising me on my purchase?

Our Experts Answer...

It is always reassuring to seek qualified advice from fully trained staff and/or technical advice from the people that are making your couch. At Beautelle you can speak to QUALIFIED helpful staff including a qualified therapist who has a ‘working knowledge’ of our couches in relation to different disciplines. As a manufacturer rather than a merchant, we have an in-depth knowledge of each and every product we design & manufacture and offer informed, expert advice to all our customers.

Question 7

What do I look for when comparing Prices?  & Can I buy ALL my equipment from one company and receive a better deal?

Our Experts Answer...

Beautelle offers a FREE COURIER DELIVERY service anywhere in the UK. Beautelle’s complete Couch Packages can also save you money off normal trade list prices.

Beautelle manufacture an extensive choice of Couches which have optional attachments and accessories such as Paper Roll Holders, Carrying Cases and Trolley Carts. Additional useful Equipment includes Stools, Chairs and Trolleys. You can also colour match your equipment & accessories to achieve that professional look. Look out for our internet mobile couch packs giving savings off your purchases.

Question 8

What After-Care will I have?

Our Experts Answer...

All Beautelle Couches and Equipment have a 12-Month Manufacturer’s Guarantee covering any mechanical defects and most importantly is not subject to any clauses requiring regular servicing to maintain validity. In addition because you are buying direct from us, the manufacturer, we are able to offer you a comprehensive after-care service including re-upholstering and refurbishment.

Question 9

How much budget should I allow to buy a couch?

Our Experts Answer...

Spending a little more on a safe, well-constructed couch, with all the features to make your work easier, may be more economic in the long run. Buying cheaper couches may prove to be false economy, as such items become shabby quite quickly and may not be sufficiently robust to withstand day-to-day usage. Many mobile therapists at the start of their careers should budget for the best they can possibly afford to act as an investment and offer piece of mind. Remember your equipment has a direct bearing on your client’s treatment and happy customers mean repeat business... don't compromise on the things that can make a difference to you and your business.

The opinions expressed in this guide are that of Beautelle and are intended to be used as a reference guide only. Reproduction is with express permission of BT.

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