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Portable Cable Table Luxury Packs

colour range available:

full details

note: vinyl specifically designed for our mobile tables is offered on Osborne Cable Tables in the following colours as standard:




duck egg


saddle stool upgrade

Stool upgrade
Upgrade pack to include compact saddle...

Unique saddle shaped stool maintains natural spine curve and automatically distributes bodyweight more evenly promoting healthy posture for the therapist. more>

specification & technical

OSLXALKIT - OPC200Oslux aluminium couch

OSLXKIT - OPC201Oslux maple beechwood couch

British Safety Standards


delivery & manufacture
Production Lead Time - approx. 15 working days

FREE Delivery mainland UK by courier

OsluxTM  Cable Table Kit


Product Code - OSLXALKIT Aluminium / OSLXKIT Wood

product details
Portable Osborne Oslux Kit includes high-specification Oslux Luxury Portable Cable Table in choice of aluminium or beechwood frame finish. Deluxe pack also contains all the essential attachments and accessories for professional mobile treatment.



Pack Includes as standard:

Portable Oslux Cable Table:

• Aluminium OR maple beechwood folding couch with OsluxTM special features - 3" thick double foam system & rounded corners with double seam

• Breather hole incorporated as standard
• Multi-positioning double ratchet back support
• Height adjustable (mechanism depends on model)
• High-resist tensor cables - provide strength and stability
• Sides of table wrapped with foam
• Integral carrying handles with fixing plates
• Quick and easy folding and unfolding

Couch Carry Bag:

• Heavy duty nylon carry bag - navy blue


● Wedge to plug breather hole - in Oslux vinyl


● Adjustable Face Cradle - in Oslux vinyl

Roll Holder:

● Paper roll holder with single paper roll

Pack available to order with CHOICE of aluminium or beechwood table


pack upgrades

Available to order:

Upgrade pack to include a compact saddle seat - in matching vinyl


price information


Oslux Cable Table Kit


Pack Offer £445

SAVE £39.50

Pack with saddle upgrade £531

SAVE £63.50



OSLXALKIT Aluminium set ; OSLXKIT Wood set

OSLXALKST ; OSLXKITST with saddle upgrade


Colour Options:

C1B Vinyl - Standard Colour Choice



Prices are plus VAT.

For advice / to order call 0121 332 1850 or email

attachments & accessories included

couch carry bag

bung for breather hole


roll holder with paper roll

click image for full details