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Beautelle have been manufacturing Therapy, Beauty and Health Equipment in the UK for over 20 years

Take a closer look at how your bespoke saddle is made and meet some of our skilled workforce as they manufacture your stool at our Birmingham Factory... 

 fabricating  sewing

The steel is cut and drilled to length, and bent into shape in the tube bender.
The stool bases are welded before being sent for plating.

On seamed tops the sewer joins the cut pieces of fabric to form a shell. On plain tops the vinyl is precision-cut. It is then matched to a saddle mould and foam set ready for upholstering.


An upholsterer takes the pre-cut foam and shapes it onto the form of the saddle mould. 

The vinyl material sheets are then adhered to the foam on the saddle top.

Vinyl sheets are cut to size around the saddle shaped mould. The upholsterer then moulds into shape using a heat process, before the vinyl is upholstered into place.

 upholstering demonstration  assembly
British Made Posture Saddle Seating

 click to load & watch our short video

Quality control checks base framework and upholstery.
The stool base and wheels are assembled and the gas strut & tilting mechanisms are checked.
The saddle stool component parts (upholstered saddle top, gas strut and base) are matched and packed ready for despatch.


Manufactured in UK