Replacement Parts

As a British manufacturer we can supply spare/ replacement component parts for our Beautelle equipment. Parts for equipment over three years old may not be available. We are only able to supply parts for Beautelle equipment.

Major Components required out of warranty

  • Electronic Motor Set (complete with leads)
  • Electronic Motor Set (complete with leads & transformer)
  • Transformer with Leads
  • Hand Control Console Pad
  • Foot Control Console
  • Gas Sprung Power Assisted Pump
  • Hydraulic Pump Mechanism

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Beautelle Spare Parts Enquiry

We are also able to supply spare/replacement component parts such as feet, castor wheels, knobs, cables, ratchets, for our Meditelle equipment

Seating Spares Info. and Order

Note: Component parts required for products 4+ years old - may take longer to source / may no longer be available from stock. Photo identification will be required for product if you are unable to provide invoice number or accurate product code. We only supply parts for our own brands of equipment.

please contact us via the Enquiry Form  for availability and cost (if applicable).

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