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Hansen ergonomic surgeon / theatre saddle stools


Surgeons Saddle Stools

Special Features:

Pneumatic foot height control - Foot operated ring allows hands free, sterile height adjustment of the seat.

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Tilting Seat Pad with 35 pneumatic seat tilt adjustment by paddle lever.


Specification & Technical Information

Vinyl Infection Control Hydrophobic & Anti-Microbial with infection proof additive against E coli and MRSA.
All Helmsley Couches & Plinths are CE Approved

CE Compliant CE approved.

British Safety Standards BS3379/BS5852; Fire Safety Regulations S11324,1989

hydraulic mechanism safe working loadSWL - 165kg


Delivery & Manufacture Information

Surgeons Foot Operated Saddle Stools

325 / 425

Product Code - HAN9500/  9580

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Contoured saddle shaped seat aids correct posture

● Pneumatic height adjustment - 22"-27

● Foot operated pneumatic height control to allow hands free adjustment of the seat height for surgeon.

35 Pneumatic seat pad tilt adjustment by paddle lever

● High grade scuff resist anti-microbial seamless vinyl upholstery covering

● Aluminium finish on gas lift and foot rings

● Aluminium base with hard free-wheeling castor wheels

Torso Arm Models:
● Seat with torso/arm support - features height adjustable swing support with 360 rotation



Choice of anti-microbial upholstery colours

Alternative high and low lift height variants:
lower strut -1.5" / taller strut +4 height

Alternative soft anti-static castors; brake loaded castors; or gripper feet

Anatomic Memory Foam Layer *highly recommended*

option details

Also available as chair with back rest





Pricing & Ordering Information
HAN9500 Foot Operated Surgeons Stool 325

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HAN9580 Foot Operated Surgeons Stool with Torso Arm 425

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Alternative Low Lift 20


Alternative High Lift 20


Alternative Wheels - select soft anti-static/ brake loaded/ gripper feet 22
HAN9014 Anatomic Memory Foam Layer 30

Choice of Plain Upholstery Colours


V32 Upholstery Upgrade 15

all prices are VAT exclusive

For Advice & to Order call 0121 332 1850

For Purchase Orders fax to 0121 332 1851 or email




Options to Order




Alternative Strut Height to increase or reduce height range: lower strut -1.5" / taller strut +4 height

Alternative Wheels:
Soft Anti-Static -rolls uninterrupted on hard floors; Break Loaded - lock when sat on; Gripper Feet -static

An additional layer of Anatomic Memory Foam reacts to body heat and moulds to form giving extra comfort if seated for long periods.




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